Invest in Expert Landscaping Services for Your Springtime Project

Bring Your Spring Garden to Life!

If you can believe it, the best time to plan your garden is now. Even though it’s a new year, you still have a lot to do before you can start digging. Better to hire expert landscaping services to help you. Here are things you can do to get your garden ready to plant before spring is over.

Gather Ideas

What you plant will depend on what you want to grow. Use pictures from gardening magazines or Pinterest boards to make a collage. Which would you rather have more of: flowers or vegetables? You should have a list or folder online that is all about what you like, whether it’s annual flowers or trees and shrubs.

Your Comfort

Landscapes in the area are very different from one another; plants would grow in different areas. Check to see if something will grow well in your zone before you plant it. Take a sample and learn a lot about the soil’s ability to grow plants and what extra nutrients need to be added.

First Draft

Plan what you’re going to plant once you know what you will grow. Graph paper makes it easy to draw diagrams; make sure to remove everything to the same size. You can also use one of the many online plotting sites to take the measurements you want. No matter what you decide, leave enough space between plants so they can grow and thrive without trampling on each other. Don’t forget to consider each plant’s height so you don’t get unwanted shade or blockages.

Need some help making plans and carrying them out? Call Rey Landscaping! Our expert landscaping services are available to anyone with plans for their garden in Menifee, CA. Call (213) 215-9438 now for a free consultation or more information about our services!

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