Tips From a Reputable Landscaper

Make Your Garden a Haven for Birds and Butterflies!

Even though a landscaper might not be able to bring in unicorns or rainbows, we can add a bit of magic to our gardens by luring animals like butterflies and birds. These fragile creatures will make your garden a peaceful and enjoyable place. Here are some ideas that will help you enjoy beauty more this spring!

Mark Off Areas

To get butterflies and birds to come to your garden, ensure there are no overhanging branches or building walls. They need a safe place to eat and sleep where they won’t be bothered by people or pets. Of course, they have to be close enough to see. To make your animal paradise, pick a spot in the garden that you can see from inside, on a patio, or on a deck.

Lure With Food

Birds are drawn to nectar-like flies to honey. If you plant more flowers, you’ll have a better chance of getting birds to come to your garden. If you care about how they look, choose orange or red ones. Coneflowers, columbine, cardinal flowers, and bee balms are all great choices.

Plant Appropriately

There are a lot of different kinds of butterflies in the area. You can bring in native butterflies by growing native plants and watch caterpillars turn into butterflies if you plant these with native wildflower seed packets.

Water Features

Birds can only live on nectar, so running water is excellent. You can use a small water fountain for more than just decoration. The best place for birds would have a spray of flowers, shrubs, herbs, and a feeder placed in a certain way.

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